Ground Cover

We all love our lawns and they add liveliness and greenery to the outdoor areas of our properties. However, increasingly homeowners across the region are reconsidering these lush green additions to their property. The fact is that lawns are a high maintenance feature; they require regular mowing, aeration, fertilization, pest control applications, pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control applications and more. This is why many property owners are now choosing to get ground cover installed in their landscapes.

Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp. is a premier full-service landscaping company that has been operating in this space for over 30 years. Our company has handled a large number of ground cover installation projects for commercial and residential customers.

What Is Ground Cover?

Ground cover is made up of tough and hardy plants that don’t grow tall and don’t need any mowing. They just spread across the ground and cover it to give you a green open space much like a lawn. These plants require very little/no maintenance. As they grow very densely, they choke out the weeds and provide texture to the ground’s surface.

Types of Ground Cover

We recommend that edging be built around the areas where ground cover installations have been done. This helps contain them and lends the landscape a well-manicured look. In addition to clover, moss, sedge and native plants we can also install ground cover such as:

  • Juniperus Nana
  • Pachysandra Terminalis
  • Vinca Minor-Periwinkle

For more information about the ground cover planting services we provide, feel free to call Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp with your requirements.

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