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Concrete Underpinning

Concrete Underpinning

When any structure is built, it needs to have a solid foundation. While it is important that the materials and workmanship used in the work be of high quality, there are times when the most solid foundations require additional support. Underpinning is a technique used to add solidity and integrity to the structure and stabilize it.

Sivilli Contracting is a premier full-service landscaping company that has been operating in this space for more than 30 years. We provide custom concrete underpinning services to residential and commercial customers.

When Is Underpinning Required?

  • Underpinning might become necessary if the original foundation isn’t strong/stable enough to support the structure that stands above it.
  • If you have added an extra floor to your home, underpinning will provide the additional support the foundation needs.
  • You are adding an extension to the house.
  • The foundation of an existing structure seems unstable.
  • There is tilt in the structure.

Different Methods of Underpinning

There are a number of different custom underpinning methods that we use such as:

  • Mass pour – The soil around the anchor points of the foundation is excavated and concrete is poured to support the footing.
  • Screw Piles With Brackets – If a structure is tilting, screw piles are hammered into the ground to level and the tilted portion will be leveled using brackets.
  • Pile and Beam – This technique is used in projects where high load-bearing capacity is required or when conventional underpinning methods won’t work.

For more information about the commercial and residential underpinning services we provide, feel free to call Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp with your requirements.

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